ZipX Bermuda has donated 5,000 face masks to the Bermuda Government for the island’s frontline workers and they are supplying their customers with “complimentary individually-wrapped face masks with every package they deliver”.

Kevin D Smith, Managing Director at ZipX, said: “We are happy to import and supply face masks to the Bermuda Government for our frontline workers.

“The ZipX team was able to deliver essential items to customers throughout the lockdown and shelter-in-place periods and we quickly realized the urgent need for PPE, not only for our staff, but for all of Bermuda’s frontline workers.

“It became obvious that there was a shortage of PPE in Bermuda at that time, and as a courier service we knew we could help out.

“We are also happy to provide free face masks to each of our customers when we deliver a package to them. The ZipX team is doing its part to help Bermuda stay healthy and flatten the curve.”

Customer Service Manager Lisa Furtado added: “All of our delivery staff are wearing PPE and we hope that will provide an added level of confidence to our customers. Our goal is to make the process as easy and as seamless as possible for our customers with no person-to-person interaction.

“With ZipX, you can order and receive the goods you need without having to ever leave your home. This is important now more than ever, especially for our vulnerable community. Our online registration system and the ZipX app allow our customers to sign up for an account, upload invoices and track their packages all online.

“There is no need for paperwork anymore or face-to-face interactions with a Customer Service Representative.”

The company “launched their new app and also eliminated all membership fees for its customers”.

A spokesperson said: “Both moves were in response to customer feedback and to help facilitate the process of shopping online and sending goods to Bermuda through the ZipX US address.

““This also had them unknowingly well-poised for business continuity during the Covid-19 health crisis. The ZipX app allows customers to change their account details, upload invoices for purchased goods, track deliveries and pay for sent items.

“Customers are able to change their payments details, delivery address and take screenshots of their invoices and upload them directly through the app. Call 295-2467 for more information.”