Zindziswa Swan has expressed her heartfelt thanks to the municipal voters for returning her as the Residential Councillor for Town of St George’s.
When contacted by Bermuda Real  following her victory last week, Ms Swan said: ““Thank you so much for coming out to support me on Thursday! I’m excited to be serving the people of the town of St George’s.”
At 25-years-old Zindziswa Swan is among the youngest persons to ever run for office and also be elected to office in Bermuda. Zindziswa is clearly following the footsteps of her father Kim Swan the current St George’s West Member of Parliament and a former Opposition Leader.
As a young person Zindziswa has had exposure that help prepare her for the campaign trail, a former Youth Parliamentarian who has represented Bermuda at Commonwealth Day (UK) and YouthNews at the United Nations in New York and she demonstrated how passionate she is about St George’s.
Kim Swan, her father, explained: ““Zindziswa made me a proud parent with her successful election as Residential Councillor. Ironically, we both ran for office at age 25 years and her candidacy reminded me of my first election in February 1983.
“My wife Cindy and I were honored to have worked on her successful campaign. We respect the will of the electorate and know Zindziswa’s love for St George’s, honesty and zeal will make her a great representative for the municipal voters.”