In the third and final segment of Bermuda Real’s website launch series, Senior Magistrate Juan Wolffe takes a look at new worrying trends he sees daily in the various courts he presides over on a regular basis.

More often than not, he said people in court on enforcement orders for unpaid debts ask him outright – in court, if they should resort to a life of crime and sell illegal drugs just to put food on the table.

The man who deals with debt collection in Bermuda’s Civil Court said the hole generated by debt is getting deeper for many, despite the uptick in Bermuda’s economy.

With no regulations on the law books for debt collectors in Bermuda at this point in time, he said anyone facing enforcement orders today on a $5,000 bill – in two years time, that bill will increase and double to $10,000 as a result of statutory interest rates attached to unpaid bills.

By Ceola Wilson