Volunteers will be working to get Victor Scott Pre-School and Primary School in tip top shape for the new school year today, as the Work Rallies push continues to get all hands on deck to assist.

Work projects that started at 10am on today’s list includes:

  • Installation of window shades
  • Potting plants (outside beautification)
  • Organisation of books
  • Picture framing/hanging
  • Cleaning school library – dusting off books & wiping down shelves
  • Teachers Resource Room – packing books back into containers & wiping down shelves

Organisers have also issued the rallying call for more “man power” on Saturday, to join volunteers who will be working at Clearwater Middle School and Elliot Primary School this weekend. Leading the call is Angela Young, who said: “We need truckers to help remove heavy items from Clearwater Middle School in particular.”

The clean up at Elliot Primary School starts at 8am and runs through to 7pm on Saturday. Work projects there include:

  • Moving large, heavy tables back into the classrooms
  • Washing down chairs, putting on the slippers & putting them back into the classrooms
  • Wiping down desks

At Clearwater Middle School, the work begins at 9am to 1pm, where the projects include:

  • Removing a washer & dryer that no longer works and an industrial printer
  • Old computer equipment to be moved
  • There’s a lot of heavy lifting – not much cleaning
  • Various items to be removed from the building which are no longer in use

More volunteers are needed to assist at Harrington Sound Primary School as well. The work starts at 10am on Saturday and includes:

  • Cleaning the kitchen & staff rooms
  • Sanitizing/wiping down desks & chairs in each of the 17 classrooms
  • Library re-organisation/Clean-up

The East End Primary School project begins at 8am, where the list of projects includes:

  • Pulling up weeds, clearing various grounds to be cleaned
  • Organizing the school library

And up at the west end, volunteers will take on Lagoon Pre-School at 10am to do the following:

  • Clean storage areas/closets
  • De-cluttering is required

Volunteers will also be working at Northlands from 9am to 12pm tomorrow. We are now roughly three weeks away from the school re-opening date on September 11th and your help as a volunteer is needed.

For sign ups, requests, or queries, email workrallies@gmail.com, or go to Work Rallies on Facebook.

  • Photos courtesy of Work Rallies of Volunteers, including young children like the little one helping out at Clearwater Middle School earlier this month, and some of the men who volunteered at Warwick Pre-School.