Now that the countdown is on, volunteers for Work Rallies moved into high gear this weekend, now that there’s just over a week to get the island’s public schools in tip top shape for the re-opening date on September 11th.

Work Rallies Volunteer at Sandys Middle School 

Volunteers are working at eight different schools throughout the day today. Work Rallies started early this morning at 8:30am at West End and East End Primary Schools. Crews are also stationed at Sandys Middle School, Northlands and Southampton Pre-School. Another team is set to start working at Gilbert Institute from 4pm to 7pm this afternoon. On Sunday, all hands will be on deck at St David’s Primary School from 1pm to 5pm tomorrow afternoon. Volunteers will also be working at Somerset Primary School on Sunday from 11am to 2pm. And more help is still needed.

More than 30 volunteers turned up to help at Sandys Middle School this morning, where Principal Kenneth Caesar said: “Today is a great day to have staff, students, parents and the community come together to put the final touches on our building for the new school year.”

One volunteer, Danvers Jr donated his powerwasher today. He noted that Sandys allows the club to utilize its facilities. “So it’s a community thing and it’s good to give back,” he said.

Danny Symonds, whose wife teaches at Sandy’s said: “I could be boating but I’m here to support my wife.” He was joined by a host of Somerset Cricket Club members who attended Sandys when they were younger.

Work Rallies organizer, Angela Young, seen here with the Deputy Principal, Timeco Richardson at Harrington Sound Primary School today, said: “As we are on the last stretch, it is critical we join forces to get our schools in top shape before September 11th.

“Our educators are very appreciative of the assistance provided by the Work Rallies volunteers. It has eased the pressure tremendously and now, educators can focus on other important items such as lesson plans, etc. This is truly uniting the community at all levels in a very profound way,” she said.

“Folks often say to me that they are proud to be a part of such a historical initiative. I must admit I agree. It has been a wonderful journey; especially to see how it has evolved to date. The power of social media – and the community spirit!”

SCC Members & Former Sandys Students Volunteering for Work Rallies Today

One teacher with 23 years of experience at Harrington Sound Primary said they have never seen anything like this. And they are all truly grateful for the help.

Work Rallies moves to St David’s Primary School at 1pm tomorrow. “We still need more men for Sunday to help with the removal of debris like furniture,” said Ms Young.

For more information, email or visit Work Rallies on Facebook.