Expect some of the coldest weather we have yet to experience in Bermuda by Friday, when the effects of the latest winter storm lashing the East Coast this week.

According to the Bermuda Weather Service, winds are expected to pick up later tonight, with occasional showers in the forecast as a cold front approaches the local area.

Forecasters say it will bring lower temperatures and gale force gusts over the next two days.

Winds will become gale force at 25 to 35 knots with gusts to 45 knots early Friday morning.

Weekend highs are expected to barely reach 60 degrees, with lows in the lower 50s.

The average daily low for January is 64 to 65 degrees.

Winds are expected to weaken rapidly by Saturday, but weekend temperatures are likely to remain cool.

A Small Craft Warning is currently in effect for the local area, with a Gale Force Warning expected to go into effect early Friday.

Meanwhile, AccuWeather reports today that this past weekend’s record warmth “may seem like a distant memory by this upcoming weekend as forecasters are monitoring the potential for a major storm to develop and deliver widespread wintry precipitation — and perhaps the biggest snowstorm of the season for some metropolitan areas”.

“A pair of quick-hitting storms will first spread snow over the northern tier, replacing the mild air that has been gripping the region with colder air from Canada and laying the ground for a more significant storm with snow and ice in the Northeast this weekend.

“While the first storm tracked out of northern New England early Wednesday morning, the second storm system will follow in its wake Wednesday night, dropping a swath of snow along a similar path.

“The storm system will exit the region rather quickly, leaving cold air and a blustery northwest breeze entrenched across the Northeast Thursday. This cold air will set the stage for the next storm system to track in this weekend.”

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Eric Leister said: “The weekend storm may bring the most substantial wintry precipitation of the season so far for parts of the Northeast, including the I-95 corridor.”

Forecasters say: “The greatest chance of a wintry mix for Virginia and snow for northern New Jersey and the New York City area is likely to come this weekend as a large storm moves in from the Midwest and taps into fresh cold air in the region.

“Snow is forecast to transition to ice and rain from northern Virginia to southeastern New York at the storm’s peak, and up to a few inches of wintry mix is expected over areas farther north across the upper mid-Atlantic region. Meanwhile, a foot of snow or more could pile up in parts of the central Appalachians and New England.

“Cities such as Portland, Maine; Concord, New Hampshire; Rutland, Vermont; Albany, New York, have the potential to receive a heavy amount of snow from this storm. Only fast movement of the storm is likely to prevent it from becoming a blockbuster snowfall for northern areas, where an eclipse of the amounts from the storm during early December is not likely.

“Boston will be in the heavy precipitation zone, but the primary form of precipitation will depend on the traditional battle between mild ocean air to the southeast and cold air over interior New England. If the mild air wins out, then only a moderate snowfall would occur. But, if cold air hangs on, then Boston could be looking at a 6- to 12-inch snowfall.

“New York City is a close call between an all-out snowstorm and a snow to ice and rain then back to snow event. The all snow scenario would occur if the storm shifts its track farther south or the storm moves along so quickly that mild air does not have a chance to move northward.

“The storm is likely to generate strong winds on its frontside in New England and on its back side throughout the region.

Blowing and drifting snow is likely from central and northern New England to upstate New York and perhaps farther south, where no change to ice or rain occurs.”

  • Pedestrians make their way through blowing snow during a snowstorm – IMAGE: AP Photo/Michael Dwyer