The following statement was released on Friday, July 2, 2021 by Opposition Spokesman in the Senate for Youth, Sports & Community Affairs Ben Smith – One Bermuda Alliance… 
I was surprised to see that cricket events can be held with 250 people without SafeKey.  
This change makes me ponder what was the real effectiveness of SafeKey since it has recently been announced that the highly contagious Delta variant can pose a risk to the island.
If health is the priority and we are protecting from the variant, then the restrictions are in place for that reason. SafeKey was to allow for large gatherings while being as safe as possible.  
We have been told this week we cannot let our guard down because the Delta variant has arrived and cases have started to rise. Gathering sizes have been reduced from 100 to 50—another last minute restriction which has inevitably caused ire amongst members of the community who have planned events based on the former guidelines.
Why was the change implemented on the same week we have been warned of the variant and how we need to protect our people? Can we have clarity on whether the decisions are being taken in the best interest of health, or for some other reason because the conflicting messages are confusing.
I understand that many Bermudians, and of course our local athletes are keen for things to return to normal.
Whatever pressure the Bermuda Cricket Board was able to apply, should open the door for all sports to return to normal, with full attendance.
That opinion would be perfectly fine if sport was confined to a bubble and not part of the wider society. That is not the case and the rules and restrictions for the rest of Bermuda are significantly harsher and seem to be counter to this decision regarding cricket.
What is the actual priority and what is the plan we are following?