On a recent trip to Bermuda, we took a bus ride from The Reefs, a beautiful resort with breathtaking views of the ocean, to The Dockyard, where we planned to have lunch and go shopping.
At one point, a woman wearing a winter coat entered the bus. 
“You’re not from Bermuda, are you?” she blurted out as she took the seat directly across from me. 
“Why do you say that?” I replied.
“You’re wearing shorts,” she responded with a smile.  “It’s too early in the season for shorts.”
“I just came from New Jersey and a foot of snow,” I joked.  “And I’ve been looking forward to wearing shorts for 2½ months.”  She smiled as other passengers, obviously listening to our conversation, started to laugh.
Then I continued:  “So I’m determined to wear shorts.”
“You’re knees are white,” she fired back.
“That’s why I’m wearing shorts,” I remarked.  “I’m trying to get some sun on my knees.”
Everyone laughed.  She told us her name was Ceola and explained to us that she was a journalist for many years and now ran a website called “”.  We talked about the website and made note of the name so we could check it out when we returned from our destination. 
It was obvious to me that as individuals, our perceptions — as to the weather, outside temperature or life in general — are based on our experiences.  I came to Bermuda from New Jersey and a winter full of Nor’easters and piles of snow and she came from Bermuda, without snow and generally sunny skies.  So I was wearing shorts because I thought the temperature was warm and she was wearing a winter coat because she thought it was cold. 
Our conversation with Ceola was spontaneous and fun and continued until she exited the bus.  Before doing so, she invited us to write about our experience in Bermuda for her website.  I chose to write about her.
I learned an important lesson on that bus ride.  Some of our best encounters are with complete strangers.
Despite the rain and sometimes chilly weather, our trip was memorable because we were surrounded by beautiful views of turquois water, sandy beaches and blue skies.  Our positive experience started with Randolph, our first taxi driver, who gave us a tour of the island from the airport to our hotel.  But it was also memorable because of the kindness and hospitality of not only the people who worked at The Reefs, but all Bermudians we encountered:
Samantha, who checked us in and escorted us to our room with an exquisite view of the turquoise ocean.
Erin, Attiyaa and Melody who politely answered our questions about local attractions and tourist sites.
Hostess Nina May and waitresses Antoinetta and Roydell, who went out of their way to make us feel comfortable during breakfast and dinner.
Christian, who took special care of us during afternoon tea sessions.
Kudos to all these fine people from The Reefs for making our stay so enjoyable.
We are looking forward to our next trip to beautiful Bermuda, visiting Ceola and making new friends when we ride the bus.
Linda Stevens & Jeff Pompeo
May 11, 2018
  • Wow! Truth be Told – I got off the bus that day and said to myself that guy is NOT going to check out & I most certainly did not believe he would do what he said. Guess he got me on that! Thank You! It was nice to meet you! Next time we’ll hang in my neck of the woods & Thank You For Sharing Your Bermuda experience at The Reefs. I will be sure to make sure the staff mentioned get this. Take Care! And Come Back Soon! Trust & Believe I will Hold You To It! CW