Several west end residents report tornado activity at the height of hurricane-force winds inflicted by Humberto on Wednesday night, that ripped roof tops off like sheets of paper.

Forecasters say peak winds reached 125 mph with the storm’s centre some 75 miles north of the island, leaving thousands without electricity, downed utility poles and debris strewn across the island.

Restoration efforts moved into high gear overnight on Wednesday and early Thursday morning as residents anticipate another round at the height of the peak hurricane season period.

The Bermuda Weather Service said today, Hurricane Jerry is now “a Potential Threat to Bermuda”.

“High pressure over the US mid-Atlantic coast will ridge eastward providing mainly fair weather and light to moderate winds through the weekend.

“Hurricane Jerry will approach from the south Monday and Tuesday.”

The latest update from Belco – restoration could take another four days before the 16,448 residents without power will get electricity again.

“Our crews are making good progress, but there are challenges,” a company spokesman said.

“Much of the damage caused by Hurricane Humberto is making it difficult to quickly and easily restore large areas at a time, so crews are working methodically, as fast as they can, to reroute lines and replace infrastructure as needed.”

The Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) is expected to meet on Monday to assess Hurricane Jerry, which poses a threat to Bermuda by early next week.

Clean-up efforts continue today throughout the island, including the west end, where the Somerset Police Station was knocked out of commission due to hurricane damage.

Allen Temple AME suffered roof damage again – not the first time that church has seen damage as a result of a hurricane. Power has been restored in several areas but several residents remain without power at the west end and throughout the island.

Meanwhile, Marsh Folly has waived tipping fees for the disposal of debris – wood, trees and foliage and Tynes Bay is open today for drop offs.

Here’s a look at some of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Humberto at the west end of Bermuda due to Hurricane Humberto: