Organisers of the weekend motorcade to protest the Government’s decision to close West End Primary School, are today more than pleased with what they say was an “awesome turnout” on Saturday (Mar 18).

When contacted by Bermuda Real, spokeswoman, Ellen-Kate Horton, said: “We asked people to come to the school for 2:30pm.

“I arrived at 2pm and there were cars there already. They just came rolling in.

“The participants were from all walks of life and were all ages,” she said.

“Several parents brought their children along. The children fully understood what this was all about.

“The reception up and down the Island were very supportive,” she added.

“Many persons were alongside the road clapping, shouting support, and taking pictures.

“We received lots of support from incoming cars. It was really heartwarming.”

Asked by Bermuda Real to respond to criticism that West End Primary will be closed in spite of the motorcade, Ms Horston said: “We belive that it is never too late, decisions have been changed before.”

But she said: “At a time when the entire world is ridding itself of the vestiges of our racist and painful past, this Government is happy to shut our institution in favour of a school that only accepted non-white persons and would not even allow us to walk on their field.

“The first black children have horrible stories to tell.

“Today, the Houses of Somerset Primary carry the names of Gilbert, Patterson and Findlay,” she added.

“These names are synonymous with our racist past.

“We have attempted in many ways to engage in conversation with the Government but to no avail.

“To those people who say they are going to do it anyway, I wound say that we believe that if the sensible people at the Ministry/Department.”

From a logistics point of the view, she also commended the Bermuda Police Service for their assistance.

“The police officers were second to none. They were professional and wonderful.,” said Ms Horton.

“I love working with my people and watching them move about with such precision as they did.

“Bermuda is blessed to have these wonderful young men and women in the service.”