West end residents missed the memo on garbage collection due to take place up until 12 noon today. Now there’s piles of trash bags lining pick up areas on roadsides that look set to stay there until next week.

A notice was sent out on Monday that three divisions of the Waste Management Section of Public Works will close at 12 noon today, in memory of the late Mr William Evans, a long-serving employee to allow staff to attend the funeral service.

Facilities affected by this closure include the Airport Waste Management Facility, the Marsh Folly Composting Facility and Waste Collections.

Garbage was not collected throughout the west end this morning leaving piles of trash bags on roadsides that are not scheduled to be collected until next Wednesday, although all services will resume at 7:30am tomorrow. But west end collection has been pushed back to next Wednesday due to the public holiday on Monday.

A spokeswoman said: “To service residents of the west end the Ministry requests that west end household waste be placed out for collection on Wednesday, June 14th with trucks collecting in that area all day Wednesday and up until noon on Thursday.

“Household waste should be securely bagged and placed at regular collection sites, preferably in lidded bins to avoid scavenging by wildlife,” she said.

“The Ministry also reminds the public of the change in waste collection the week of June 19th, National Heroes Day, when east end garbage will be collected on Tuesday, June 20th and west end garbage will be collected on Wednesday, June 21st. Recyclables will be collected in the west on Thursday and in the east on Friday.”

More information is listed in the BTC Phone Book blue pages for the 2017 Garbage and Recycling Schedule, or online at www.gov.bm to download a PDF copy, or join www.facebook.com/recyclebermuda for up to date information.