If you’ve travelled to Dockyard, then you have seen the historic Military graveyard. And right by the main roadside, there’s a big sign advertising a ‘Development Opportunity’ for approximately 5.25 acres of property known as Maria Hill.

The Bermuda Real reader who brought it to our attention asked: “How could Wedco be allowed to sell a graveyard, which is sacred ground?”

We decided to go take a look and there it was, and where it is placed does give the impression that it’s the graveyard, not the hill behind the sign that’s listed for development.

Next stop, a prompt email to the Minister of Public Works and the head of Wedco. The Minister was the first to reply. In a one sentence email Colonel David Burch said: “I’m sure they are not selling the cemetery but agree the sign is in a stupid place!”

Then came the response from Wedco’s General Manager Andrew Dias, who said: “The sign was erected at the nearest point to Maria Hill and visible from the road.

“I can assure you that the development area does not include the Military graveyard. Maria Hill is the lot behind the graveyard, on the hill. This used to be commonly known as ‘the old chicken farm’,” he said.

He also noted as the last clarification point, that “Wedco is not looking to sell any of the areas listed as potential developments, any deal being made would be via¬† long term leases”.

The sign states: “Residential wooded area on an [sic] elevated land along the seafront with the option for some incredible 360 degree water views. There are charming beach areas around the property which covers an area of approximately 5.25 acres. Available for immediate consideration.”

Asked how much interest it has generated, Mr Dias said: “We have had a few interested parties but to date no one has presented a solid proposal.

“We are however, optimistic and will keep trying to find the right partner that has the desire and ability to make a suitable development happen.”