News Release: West End Development Corporation – If you don’t know where to go or not sure which ferry to catch, don’t worry – help is at hand!

Two teams – nine Transport Coordinators and five Ambassadors – are at work ensuring that guests of the Royal Naval Dockyard feel comfortable and at ease, providing a wealth of information on the area, the tenants and Bermuda, offering help with directions and making sure people reach their destinations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One of the Ambassadors, Tristan Martin, said: “I was in the hotel industry for eight years and I missed it, so I wanted to come back into the hospitality area. I love it, the visitors make my day. I am really happy doing what I do.”

Alec DeSilva, the Senior Transport Coordinator, said he and his team try to ensure guests know where they are going and get there as quickly as possible, “We also educate ourselves about Bermuda to try and give good advice to visitors, to try and make them happy.”

It is the second year that West End Development Corporation has employed the teams, who are all CTA certified by the Bermuda Tourism Authority and trained in CPR and first aid.

Aqueelah Somner, Wedco’s HR Generalist who manages both teams, said very positive feedback from last year prompted Wedco to repeat the initiative.

“I think all our visitors, and some locals, really appreciate the work the teams do and I would like to think that it makes their stay in Bermuda even more pleasant.”

  • Photos Supplied: Includes Malia Bell, Tristan Martin, Lia Robinson, John Scotland, Carol Smith, Kevin Simmons, Cindy Eve, Alec DeSilva, Marissa Nanud, Judy Seymour – Missing from photos – Juliette Rewan and Ronue Cann