Royal Naval Dockyard: SANDYS, Bermuda – WEDCO is pleased to announce the reopening of the Dockyard Playground, inclusive of the sprinklers, on Friday, May 28, 2021. The playground will be accessible every day at any time with the sprinklers being operational daily from 8am to 5pm.

Located in front of the Fun Zone where Bastion Way and Maritime Lane meet, the playground has undergone general maintenance, which included the replacement of parts along with cosmetic upgrades; while the sprinkler system received infrastructure upgrades, which included an upgraded water filtration system and a new surface installation.
Stephanie Rodill, Marketing & Events Manager stated: “We are thrilled to reopen our playground and hope to see everyone enjoying the area soon. We know this infrastructure investment initiative took quite some time to complete with all the challenges presented this past year, so we want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for everyone’s patience and understanding. The investments have provided a more aesthetically pleasing experience, improved safety and increased longevity of the infrastructure.”
When visiting the Royal Naval Dockyard, please follow all health regulations and guidelines issued by the Bermuda Government inclusive of practicing physical distancing, wearing masks properly, employing proper respiratory etiquette and washing hands often.
Royal Naval Dockyard
Built by royal decree to defend British superiority on the seas, the Royal Naval Dockyard is today a resplendent place of discovery. Within the walls of this nineteenth century fortress, now exists an invitation for adventure: attractions, water sports, dining, shopping, events and more. By daylight or moonlight, there is so much to discover.
West End Development Corporation (WEDCO) 
WEDCO was established in 1982 to assist in the commercial and residential development of the West End. With over 220 acres of land spanning across five islands; in addition to, Bermuda’s premier Cruise Ship Port and a heavy line up of well-established commercial businesses across a range of industries, inclusive of semi-industrial, retail, hospitality and service, WEDCO continues to develop the land it has been entrusted with, keeping sustainability and future growth in mind, while creating a plethora of investment opportunities for local and overseas developers, entrepreneurs and/or venture capitalists. As the Royal Naval Dockyard continues its transformation into Bermuda’s new commercial hub, WEDCO continues to reshape the entire West End, creating a vibrant “live, work, play” community.