BELCO has advised the Ministry of Public Works of a planned outage this morning (April 12) from 9am to 1pm, at its Devon Springs Booster Pump Station.

The outage will allow BELCO to facilitate maintenance work on their electrical equipment at that site.

As a result, a spokesperson said piped water service to the following areas will be unavailable during this period:

  • Middle Road, Devonshire
  • Watlington Road West
  • Lamas Close and Lamas Drive
  • Hermitage Road Between Devon Springs Road and Middle Road, Devonshire
  • Middle Road, Devonshire to Flatts
  • Verdmont Road
  • Clarendon Road and Clarendon Lane
  • Town Hill Road
  • Northshore Road, Devonshire
  • Northshore Road, Hamilton Parish, to the intersection with Radnor Road
  • East Point Lane
  • Studio Lane
  • Stone Haven Road
  • Brighton Hill Road
  • Common Lane Point Road
  • South Road, Devonshire
  • Devonshire Bay Road
  • Palm Lane
  • Devon Point lane
  • Rocky Bay Lane
  • Devon Spring Road and Devon Spring Lane
  • Zuill’s Park Road
  • Wilderness Lane
  • Knapton Hill Road
  • Harington Sound Road East of the intersection of Knapton Hill
  • Fractious Street
  • North Shore Road Hamilton Parish Between Fractious Street and Radnor Road
  • Red Kiln Road
  • Quarry Water Truckers Outlet

Once BELCO’s the work has been completed and power is restored, the Water Section will place the plant back online.

The Ministry apologises for the inconvenience this may cause.