Warwick Academy (WA) has pushed through to stage two of their Marine Science Facility project and the purchase of a school minibus “to move students to various field trips around the Island”.

According to the school’s Director of Development, Jane Vickers, WA was “about half-way” to meeting their fundraising goals at the start of their 2019-20 Annual Giving launch back in November.

Once completed, the new Marine Science Facility will be the first and “only facility of its kind in Bermuda”.

The ongoing fundraising project is two-pronged, in that the school’s “second goal” is to purchase a mini bus “that will have many advantages”.

Ms Vickers stated in an update circulated via social media: “Our Marine Science Facility looks amazing and we are almost finished the building phase.

“This is the only facility of its kind in Bermuda with only one other school in North America having something similar.

“It is very exciting and the possibilities are endless.

“We are a few weeks away from a roof wetting and now the equipment, tanks and microscopes needed to complete the facility. This is where we need your help as we need about $25,000 more to reach our goal. Can you help?”

She also noted the new minibus will be used “to move students to various field trips around the Island, to sporting events and for taking classes down to the Marine Science Facility quickly so that class time is used most effectively”.

“We only have half a bus at the moment! Please help us to buy the rest of it today,” she said.

The school’s fundraisers also provide funds for bursaries for students in financial need.

On that note, Ms Vickers said: “There is nothing more important than family and in this case we mean the Warwick Academy Family.

“This year we have received bursary applications from 111 families and we are working hard to keep all our family together.

“As a result Bursaries make up a large part of the fund raising that we do each year,” she said.

“Please know that every dollar makes a difference in supporting a student being able to stay at Warwick Academy or not. As you can see from the letter below the support means everything to our parents and students.”

In closing, she added: “On behalf of all of us at Warwick Academy THANK YOU for your past support and for investing in education and in the future of our children.

“Together we can make a difference and any help that you can give us to reach our financial goals we would really appreciate.

“You can go to www.warwick.bm and click the donate button, or send us a cheque to Warwick Academy, 117 Middle Road, Warwick. PG 01, or transfer the funds on line to HSBC account # 010 260 628 005.

“Do feel free to come and see the school in action.”

“Please call me and I would be delighted to take you on a tour and see your investment hard at work. With gratitude,”

  • Warwick Academy is one of two of the oldest schools in the western hemisphere and the oldest school in Bermuda. Established in 1662, it was named after the English colonial administrator Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick, who gave the original land, where the school is located to this day
  • For More Information Call 236-1917 or visit www.warwick.bm