Updating the public on “our considerable work on implementing renewable energy and a cleaner environment”, Minister of Home Affairs, Walter Roban said the “green revolution has already begun”.

Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday (October 6), he said moving towards a “greener environment”, the island “is slated to add 21 megawatts (MW) of utility-scale solar photovoltaic, up to 30 MW of distributed generation” with “residential and small scale solar, 60 MW of wind power via an offshore wind farm, while specific engines at the Belco plant that are dependent on fossil fuels will be decommissioned”.

“Biomass generation as another source of renewable energy is scheduled for deployment by 2028,” said Mr Roban.

Successes thus far include the following initiatives:

The partnership with Saturn Power Incorporated for a solar farm on the ‘Finger’ at LF Wade International Airport was a first step to introducing commercial solar developments in line with the IRP and I can advise that, despite some COVID-19 related setbacks and other unforeseen challenges, this project should be tested and commissioned this month. The solar farm’s operation and maintenance contract will be held by a Bermudian company.

“When I was the Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs, I entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) to make recommendations to reduce fossil fuel emissions and renewable energy,” he added.

Pending projects with RMI include:

  • The electrification of the public bus fleet
  • The electrification of the Public Works motor vehicle fleet
  • Identifying sites for utility scale solar photovoltaic and the aggregation of solar photovoltaic on Government properties

“Working with the Regulatory Authority (RA) we will be tabling legislation in the next sitting of the House to create a ‘regulatory sandbox’ to encourage international investment to test new renewable technologies in Bermuda,” the Minister added.

“We are already working with potential investors to provide support and locations to test their new technologies.”

  • See video for the full statement