Warwick Academy’s Principal, Dave Horan, is today beaming with pride following the school’s announcement that senior students achieved 100 percent pass rates across the board.

“It is with much celebration that we formally announce to our school family our summer 2021 examination results across our various offerings – the International Baccalaureate [IB], the Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC) courses, and the International General Certificates in Secondary Education (IGCSEs),” said Mr Horan.

“Our Year 13 and Year 11 students faced the most challenging two years, and on top of that a last-minute cancellation of examinations in Bermuda and the move to a ‘non-examination route’. Whilst this was done with tremendous disappointment, when reflecting on the examination successes we must be very pleased with the outcome.

“I am deeply proud of every one of our students and greatly respect what they have achieved in the face of unprecedented circumstances,” he added.

“They have shown much resilience and flexibility and their achievements go wider than what is reflected in these results. My sincere congratulations to all our Year 13 graduates and Year 11s and we look forward to following their progress next year.

Sixth Form Results

“We achieved an excellent 100 percent pass rate across our IB Diploma candidates, a 100 percent pass rate across the IB Individual Subjects, and a 100 percent pass rate across the BTEC courses,” said Mr Horan.

“Significantly, and a first for the school, 6 IB Diploma students managed 40 or more points with 60 percent of students across the cohort achieving 36 or more points. We also enjoyed many Individual Subject candidates achieving 30 or more points. Our average point score for the IB Diploma is 36.3 which is well above the world average of 33 points, a ‘best ever’ for Warwick Academy, and what we understand is a ‘best ever’ for a school in Bermuda.

“We often talk about the various pathways available to students in our Sixth Form and that our most important measure is their success in gaining admissions to the best Universities & Colleges around the world. Again, our graduates did not disappoint with 100 percent achieving what they needed for their tertiary option.

“We know how much work goes into the build-up to their final examinations and the disappointment that came with the sudden change was very tough. Once again, my congratulations to all on a job well done.

“Finally, I thank our staff for their dedication and expertise in supporting the sudden move to the non-examination route, and their efforts in what was a very challenging year.”

Top IB Diploma results (38 points & above out of a possible 45)

  • Noah da Silva scored 43 points, and heads to Dartmouth College in the USA to study Biological & Geological Sciences
  • An Mei Daniels – 42 – University of Exeter in the UK to study an Integrated Masters in Natural Sciences
  • Daniel Maske – 42 – University of St Andrews in the UK to study Astrophysics
  • Isobelle Crayford – 41 – University of Bristol in the UK to study Geography with Innovation
  • Liam Flannery – 41 – University of Colorado, Boulder in the USA to study Chemistry
  • Jayden Parker – 40 – University of Guelph in Canada to study Biomedical Sciences leading to Veterinary medicine
  • McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett – 39 – University of Bristol in the UK to study Law
  • Mackenzie James – 38 – Western University in Canada to study Business Management
  • Kyaida Lanthier – 38 – Western University in Canada to study Psychology
  • Casey Morris – 38 – Queen Mary University of London in the UK to study Law
  • Jude Snelling – 38 – University of Exeter in the UK to study Finance and Economics

Top IB Individual Subjects results (34 points & above)

  • Amber Simons scored 35 points and heads to the University of Waterloo in Canada to study Recreation & Sports Business
  • Dylan Craft – 34 – Royal Holloway, University of London in the UK to study Business Management
  • Quelasia Rogers-Bailey – 34 – University of Bristol in the UK to study Applied Anatomy

Top BTEC results (Distinctions & above)

  • Nicholas Pilgrim – achieved a Distinction Star [the very top grade and equivalent to an A* at A-level] in Sport, and heads to the University of Bath in the UK to study Sports Management & Coaching
  • Jack Harvey – Distinction Star [again, the very top grade] in Sport – Pennsylvania State University in the USA, undeclared major
  • Eliza Olander – Distinctions in Sport and Hospitality, and is undecided
  • Caleb Ingham – Distinction in Sport – LaSalle University in the USA, undeclared major

Year 11 IGCSE Results

“The IGCSE results were released recently, again to much celebration. 20.3 percent of IGCSE grades awarded were at A*(or 9-1 equivalent) with 42 percent at grade A (or 9-1 equivalent). Overall, we enjoyed 94 percent of students achieving the benchmark of 5A*- C’s. All of these statistics are above our 3-year exam average, which is very pleasing.

Top IGCSE students (5 A* grades and above)

  • Rakshana Sureshkumar – five A* and four 9′s
  • Maurits Van Den Berg Tejedor – three A*, five 9′s, one A, one B
  • Charles-Emmanuel Boisvert – two A*, three 9′s, three 8′s, and two A
  • Daniel MacPhee – two A*, three 9′s, two 8′s, two A and one B
  • Josephine Duerden – three A*, one 9, three 8′s, one A, one 7 and one B
  • Kwame Naylor – three A*, one 9, three 8′s, one A, one 7 and one B
  • Rachael Betschart – three A*, one 9, two 8′s, one A, two 7′s and one B
  • Sienna Woolridge – three A*, three 8′s, one A, one 7 and two 6′s
  • Harry Twite – three A*, two 8′s, two 7′s, two B’s and one 6
  • Annabelle Miller – two A*, three 8′s, one A and two 7′s
  • Gloria Candiolo – two A*, two 9’s, one 8, four A’s, one 7 and one 6