BBA News Release: The Bermuda Bicycle Association 2022 road race season kicked off on Sunday 24th April in bright sunshine with the VT Construction organised race covering a seven-mile loop through Smiths and Hamilton Parishes.

The new three race categories started with the Open category, covering 6 laps (42 miles), followed by the Citizen category, and then the Women’s category, both covering 4 laps (28 miles).

After completing the first lap together, the women’s race split with VT Constructions Ashley Cooper, Maddie Durkin and Charlotte Millington developing a lead, chased hard by Bicycle Works Jennifer Lightbourne and Bermuda Junior Cycling’s Annabelle Miller. The women of VT Construction worked together to stretch the lead across the remaining laps, with Charlotte Millington taking the win, crossing the finish line at the topof St. Mark’s Road, with Maddie Durkin second and Ashley Cooper completing the podium.

The Citizen race saw a larger group, containing both youth and experienced riders, stayin contention until into the final mile, with the more experienced Ricky Smith of Winners Edge winning the uphill sprint for the line, edging out the two youngsters, Jake Smith of BRCC, and Jackson Langley, who rounded out the top three.

The Open race saw a steady start with the majority of the field staying together through the first few laps before Winners Edge Tracey Wright injected some pace into proceedings. This eventually sparked a split in the field with Tommy Marshal, Steve Millington, Cameron Morris, Chris Nusum and Grant Goudge gaining a gap on the chasing pack.

VT Construction’s Steve Millington made the decisive move going over St Mark’s Road as the lead group started the final lap. He stretched his lead whilst the others looked for each other to take responsibility for the chase. Millington completed the final lap alone, winning by a minute whilst his team mate, Cameron Morris, was able to save his legs during the last lap and take second in the sprint finish, despite some technical difficulties, with Tommy Marshal of Winners Edge taking third.