At first there were quiet rumblings when Premier David Burt left the island for the Christmas holiday in mid-December.

But when Kim Wilson, the Minister of Health reinstated COVID restrictions, including the curfew, those quiet rumblings turned into a loud crescendo of discontent by members of Bermuda’s electorate.

Bermuda Real was inundated with requests to find out where Bermuda’s political leaders were during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Many questioned how the Minister of Health, the Premier and Deputy Premier Walter Roban could leave the island under restrictions, while they enjoy the holidays abroad.

When the Government staged a COVID briefing last month via Zoom, hosted by the Minister of Education, Diallo Rabain as Acting Premier, it was clear that both Mr Burt and Mr Roban were off island.
One resident suggested that “Premier Burt and a few of his Cabinet Ministers reinstated a curfew then left the island to enjoy their holiday overseas in the FREE WORLD, with Bermudians frustrated and taken aback by the disrespect of such a move by the PLP Government”.
Other Ministers who opted to spend the holidays abroad include Renée Ming, the Minister of National Security and Curtis Dickinson, the Minister of Finance.
Residents who contacted Bermuda Real/TNN questioned the Progressive Labour Party administration’s absence of leadership and/or presence on-island – especially at a time when Omicron and the number of COVID cases are rising.
We do understand, however, that a news conference is planned for next Wednesday.
In the interim Christmas and New Year’s has come and gone with or without the island’s leaders being here for the holidays.
We’ll keep you posted.
  • Top Feature Photo Courtesy of TNN