Vision Bermuda, formerly the Bermuda Society for the Blind marked a major milestone in their major renovation project with a roof wetting ceremony on Thursday (Oct 21).

Theresa Hall, Executive Director said: “We are very excited to be at this stage in our renovation project and celebrating by holding our roof wetting ceremony. Naturally we are disappointed that COVID restrictions on gathering numbers mean that we cannot share this occasion with all our clients, members, donors and other stakeholders, but we do know that so many are supporting us and wishing us success as we work to complete this project.”

Mr Dudley Cottingham, Board Director added: “Beacon House will provide an accessible, functional, modern national facility serving the needs of individuals with vision impairments. The building will conform with local standards and building codes, as well as international standards for universal design.

“The application of universal design principles will deliver an environment more usable by everyone, not just those with vision impairments. People with vision impairments come from all walks of life and socio-economic conditions. Beacon House, just like its name, will become a beacon of hope and opportunity.

Vision Bermuda expressed their sincere gratitude to long standing supporters, the Hamilton Lions Club and the Lions Clubs International Foundation, who between them have provided approximately 20% of all funds raised so far for the capital campaign. Mr Marc Morabito, Board Director and Lion said, “their support has been amazing and we cannot thank them enough for their incredible support.

Vision Bermuda’s Rehabilitation Professional, Tesha McMordie noted that the services offered to support those who are losing, or who have lost their sight.

“It is a devastating experience and it could happen to any of us,” she said. How will you choose the clothes you wear, how will you shave or put your make-up on, how will you make your morning coffee without scalding yourself, and how would you begin to navigate your way to work. Would you still be able to work? Imagine never seeing the beauty of Bermuda again.

“We believe that no-one should have to face sight loss without support and help to learn how to manage those everyday tasks and maintain their dignity through independence. Vision Bermuda is the only organization in Bermuda to provide a full range of specialist services supporting people of any age with low or no vision.”

Vision Bermuda still has work to do to raise the balance of funds required to complete the renovation project and are asking for your help. Please visit and go to the Donate page, or call the Vision Bermuda office on 292 3231. All donations, whatever the amount, will help them reach their goal.

Vision Bermuda look forward to being able to invite all friends, clients, donors, directors, staff and supporters to the grand opening in the not too distant future.

  • Top Feature Photo: Marc Morabito, Vision Bermuda Director Photo Below: Dudley Cottingham, Vision Bermuda director, Ian Gordon, Architect and Patrick Caton, Project Manager