Premier On Stricter Boarder Controls: ‘This Misinformation Is Dangerous & Only Sows Division’

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Premier David Burt moved to dispel "some misinformation that has been spreading" claiming that the Bermuda  planned to have "persons who are not vaccinated" pay for their hotel stay in advance of their departure from the island or they will not be allowed to leave". Speaking at the latest COVID bri... Read more

Minister Announces Contractors For East End Sewage & Waterworks

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Public Works Minister Lieutenant Colonel David Burch announced the contractors hired to install the new $30 million water system for the East End. Speaking at a news conference held at Severn Bridge in St David’s on Wednesday (May 12), he said the multi-million dollar upgrade will bring "relief to... Read more

House: Government Guarantees $30 Million Loan For BLDC

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Local taxpayers will foot the bill for a $30 million loan guaranteed by the Bermuda Government on behalf of the Bermuda Land Development Corporation (BLDC). According to the Minister of Finance, Curtis Dickinson, the funds will be used for new upgrades with installations to a sewer main, a drinking ... Read more

COVID-19: Only 5 New Cases Confirmed & ‘Going In The Right Direction’

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[caption id="attachment_42547" align="alignleft" width="360"] Social Distance Sign on the floor during COVID-19[/caption] Health Minister Kim Wilson announced tonight that "our positive case results are going in the right direction", with only five new cases reported in the latest round of 512 tests... Read more

COVID-19 Restrictions To Continue For Two Month With Tighter Border Controls

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The clampdown continues for another two months with tough restrictions until June 24.   In a national address last night (April 25), Premier David Burt said at that point in time a gradual easing may be possible as the battle to curb the spread of COVID-19 continues.   "The Government’s h... Read more

SailGP: ‘Seven Rival Teams With Lineups That Include Multiple-Olympic Medalists

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SailGP: USA -NEW YORK – April 23, 2021 –  Jimmy Spithill and the United States SailGP Team today welcomed Red Bull to their team as they look to take on the world’s best sailors when SailGP Season 2 kicks off this afternoon at the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess. ... Read more

Health Minister: ‘This Is Still An Intense Outbreak…Virus Continues To Circulate…’

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Health Minister Kim Wilson called on members of the community to "please keep in your prayers those persons currently in the hospital with COVID-19 related illness, as well as the families who have lost a loved one due to coronavirus". As the number of active cases climbed to 893, with 12 new cases ... Read more

Bermuda Records 20th COVID-Related Death, 91 New Cases, 900+ Active Cases

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Health Minister Kim Wilson confirmed a 20th death due to COVID-19 tonight, marking the third death in as many days as the number of new cases climbed to 91, in the latest round of 2,100 tests. Speaking at the latest COVID briefing tonight, she said the number of active cases of this virus has reache... Read more

COVID-19: 37 New Cases, 848 Active, 40 In Hospital, 8 In ICU, 1 Intubated

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Health Minister Kim Wilson confirmed another 37 new cases of COVID-19 in Bermuda, with 40 people with the virus now in hospital, including eight in the Intensive Care Unit. The total number of active cases has reached 848 as public health officials monitor 808 cases. Since the Ministry's updat... Read more

COVID-19 Emergency Grants Expanded Under Business Continuity & Sustainability Funding Programme

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As of today forms will be available online "for those who cannot work due to mandatory closures or they are in quarantine". Speaking at the latest COVID briefing last night, Premier David Burt said the website was updated this week "to  reflect the latest changes to the regulations a... Read more