SCARS VIDEO: Child Sexual Abuse & Predators – POWERFUL Interview For Real!

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Wasn't really quite sure what the public reaction would be but I knew it would tear at heartstrings and cut some to the very core but WE need to SORT It OUT & Get It RIGHT! All I can say is it was POWERFULY For REAL! Thanks For Viewing! See you soon & streaming LIVE Every Other Monday Ok... Read more

VIDEO: Messina House & HOME In Dockyard

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Residents Take On HOME & The Community Meeting - One Father's Views Regarding HOME Setting Up At Messina House On Boaz Island on Thursday, March 24, 2022 Recorded In Studio At Ch82 Crimson Multimedia ● Everyone around here seems to supports the idea of helping the homeless. We all recogn... Read more

Premier: ‘Cabinet As It Has Been Reconfigured Is Less Than The Cost At The Beginning Of This Year’

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Premier David Burt held his first media briefing with his two new Ministers yesterday, informing "the country that the cost of the Cabinet as it has been reconfigured is less than the cost of the Cabinet at the beginning of this year given that I will continue as Premier and Minister of Finance". ... Read more

Once Fired Now Rehired Michael Weeks Is Back In Cabinet With Vance Campbell

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Once fired and now rehired, Progressive Labour Party MP Michael Weeks has made back in the fold as the new Minister of National Security, with Vance Campbell announced as the Minister of Tourism. Premier David Burt has decided to retain responsibility for the Ministry of Finance. The two new M... Read more

Sick & Tired Of Bermuda’s ‘Atrocious’ Roads – Get Used To It Because It’s Not Over!

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Sick and tired of Bermuda's "atrocious" roads and looking for repavement to ease up the impact on your vehicles? When it comes down to the Government's plan for the next fiscal year, your best bet would be to get used to it because it's not over yet! Unlike other Budget cuts for the next fisca... Read more

Bermuda Launches Black Golfers Week To Promote Diversity In Sport  

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News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda - Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA), in partnership with the APGA Tour and PGA Magazine, marked the culmination of Black History Month with the announcement of an APGA Tournament to kick off the inaugural Bermuda Black Golfers Week in October 2022. Black Golfers We... Read more

Transport Minister:Budget 2022-23 Highlights

News   | Remarks By Transport Minister Lawrence Scott The Ministry of Transport strives to provide an environment where job creation and entrepreneurship in the transportation industry are favourable. The importance of transportation in our community cannot be understat... Read more

No Real Details On Southampton Princess Guarantee In Budget Long On Rhetoric But Short On Detail

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Anyone looking to hear specific details on the Gencom guarantee to renovate the dormant Southampton Princess Hotel would be sadly disappointed after hearing the Budget Statement delivered on Friday. In fact, there was no mention of it in the 47-page fiscal plan for the next legislative year, in s... Read more

Premier & Minister Announce Members Of National Youth Policy Working Group

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Fostering direct engagement with our youth in the development of government policies will be the main goal of the 18 new members of the National Youth Policy Working Group announced yesterday. Premier David Burt and Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Dr Ernest Peets, were both on hand to annou... Read more

Premier Takes Finance Portfolio & ‘An Extremely Difficult Budget’ – No Decision On Tourism Portfolio Yet

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Three days after the resignation of Curtis Dickinson as Finance Minister, there is still no official word on who will head up the Ministry of Tourism, now that Premier David Burt holds the Finance portfolio. Speaking at the Swearing-In ceremony held at Government House earlier this week, Mr Burt ... Read more