Premier David Burt and Minister of Education Diallo Rabain held a news conference this afternoon (Nov 7) to discuss the 2022 Throne Speech.

Highlights of the Premier’s Remarks:

Let me begin my remarks by mentioning the incredible achievement of McKenzie-Kohl Tuckett, who

spoke in the House of Commons in London on Friday. I know that all of Bermuda is immensely proud of

the eloquence and substance of her presentation.

This young woman continues to go from strength to strength, and I did communicate with her and her

mother over the weekend to congratulate her and express the pride felt by so many Bermudians. In her

speech in London, she spoke about a Throne Speech Initiative from 2020, the National Youth Policy. The

Government delivered on that promise by launching the National Youth Policy in 2021, and Ms Tuckett

is an active participant in the National Youth Policy working group.

To meet the challenges that confront Bermuda, the Government has set out a clear legislative path that touches all aspects of our society. The actions to be undertaken in this parliamentary session support our economic recovery plan, continue the assistance we must provide to the most vulnerable and build on the foundation already laid for making our systems more just.

The increase in the amount of the childcare benefit and the expansion of the pool of parents eligible to receive it comes as a direct result of listening and responding to a critical need among Bermuda’s working population. The cost of childcare has risen along with other costs, and as parents work to provide for their families and to play their part in the Island’s economy, this deliberate action on the part of the Government is what is required at this time.

Over the next two weeks, Ministers will take the time to outline for the media and the people of Bermuda updates on the progress of initiatives in last year’s throne speech and provide additional details on the work proposed for this legislative year.

I will now hand it over to the Minister of Education to speak to the Education matters that were contained in the Throne Speech. And I am very pleased that he will be discussing the promises that the Government has laid out and the promises that the Government is going to deliver. Specifically on the issue of advancing education reform, advancing the Education Authority, and advancing Parish Primary Schools.

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