Transport Minister Lawrence Scott stated today that “the disruption in the the bus service will continue tomorrow morning”.

Speaking at a news conference held this afternoon, the Minister urged Bermuda’s bus commuters “to use alternative transportation”.

This after a meeting held earlier today with the Minister of Labour.

“The parties met this morning and have reached an impasse,” said Mr Scott.

“I am here to advise that the Ministry of Transport can confirm that there is a labour dispute between the Department of Public Transportation and the Bermuda Industrial Union’s Bus Division over the end of summer ‘pick of work’ in preparation for the start of school on September 9 which is due to commence today, Monday, August 16 in accordance with Schedule 10 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Government of Bermuda and the Bermuda Industrial Union.

“The Government has met its obligation under Schedule 10 of the Agreement,” he added.

“We aim to deliver reliable and consistent public bus service for commuters. The proposed schedule ensures no redundancy, no loss of work hours for the operators and greater flexibility for the Operators while simultaneously the community enjoys reliable, consistent bus service with little to no cancellations.”

“The Ministry appreciates the public patience and will provide an update at noon tomorrow.”