Minister of Social Development and Seniors Tinée Furbert held a news conference this morning with representatives from the Salvation Army and St John’s Ambulance on the Emergency Shelter.

Minister Furbert’s Statement: 

It is my pleasure to be joined by the Executive Director of Salvation Army, Ms. Beverly Daniels, the Deputy Commissioner of St. John’s Ambulance, Mr. Craig Burt and Senior Programme Manager of Department of Child and Family Services, Ms. Renee Brown.

As you know, Bermuda is a sub-tropical island, and thus we are subject to tropical storms and hurricanes.

Culturally, many of us prepare for the official hurricane season, from June 1 to November 30. However, we should prepare ourselves for deteriorating weather conditions year-round as we cannot predict nature. In fact, we recently experienced a Winter Storm at the end of January where, in light of the forecasted storm force winds and low temperatures, the Emergency Shelter opened to provide refuge for those most in need.

Today, I wish to thank the Department of Child and Family Services, who set up and operate the shelter. As well as thank community stakeholders, such as The Salvation Army, St. John’s Ambulance, The Red Cross, and the valuable volunteers who offer vital assistance in times of need.

Bermuda, we are a community, and I encourage you to offer support to one another, especially as we navigate uncertain times. We are looking for a pool of on-call volunteers who can assist in the set-up and manning of an emergency shelter. If you are in a position to volunteer, please reach out to the Department of Child and Family Services to volunteer your time to support our community when most needed. Please contact either Renee Brown or Kennette Robinson on 296-7575.

Today, I welcomed our community stakeholders to join me, however, to ensure adequate physical distancing, we are only joined by two of our partnering organizations. I not only want to thank these organizations, but I also want to allow them the opportunity to educate the public on their importance and advise the best ways the public can support them.

At this time, I will turn over to Ms. Beverly Daniels, the Executive Director of Salvation Army, and Mr. Craig Burt, the Deputy Commissioner of St. John’s Ambulance.


Bermuda, thank you for joining us today; we hope that you feel empowered to offer your support to those most vulnerable in our community when they need it most.

We know that when people think about volunteering, they often feel that a surplus of time may be required. However, keep in mind that there is no act of compassion too insignificant to welcome when you are in need. Offer what you can, when you can, as all acts of service are essential.

We never know when we, or someone we know and love, may be impacted by severe conditions and need support. With this in mind, let us come together and build a network of community support for emergency times.