News Release HAMILTON, Bermuda The US Consulate is pleased to highlight partnerships between Nazareth University in Rochester, New York, and high schools in Bermuda as part of its strategic plan to introduce more international students to the university.  Frank Williams, associate vice president for advanced admissions met students from Bermuda last summer who stayed on the Nazareth campus in Pittsford, a suburb of Rochester, to participate in a workshop in partnership with Peer Forward – a national leader in using a peer-to-peer model to guide students in under-resourced schools to pursue four-year college degrees.  Williams was thrilled to learn that they all applied to Nazareth and was later invited to participate in the annual international college fair, held in December.

During his recent visit to Bermuda, Williams received interest from 50 perspective students.  Both the CedarBridge Academy and the Berkeley Institute held ceremonies for Williams to present acceptance letters to students along with valuable scholarship offers. “The personal touch of coming to Bermuda to personally hand deliver acceptance letters to our senior students at The Berkeley Institute definitely made Nazareth University stand out,” said Cindy Smith, head of student services there. “This truly shows their commitment to building relationships with international students. I’m sure this will make a difference when our students are considering which institution they would like to attend.”

“Students from Bermuda have a much different mindset about their college experience than students in the U.S.,” said Williams. “Many of them want to get off the island, which is only 22 square miles, and they often go to the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia. Nazareth is now competing with the world for these students, and it is the personal connections we make with them that can make all the difference in them choosing to come to the US to study at Nazareth.”

In the attached photos, Frank Williams, Associate Vice President for Advanced Admissions and Partnerships, attends the International College Fair held at The Berkeley Institute, with high school students who received acceptance letters from Nazareth University.

More information can be found in the attached press release issued by Nazareth University.