US law enforcement authorities are fully aware of the recent case of a Bermudian woman who allegedly skipped the island using a stolen passport on December 29th.

This from a US Consulate spokesperson in follow up to a Bermuda Real report published two weeks ago, on the case of a 25-year-old single mother of two, who presented her cousin’s passport to US Immigration officials at LF Wade International Airport to board a commercial airline flight to New York.

When contacted, the spokesperson said: “CG Mary Ellen Koenig is unable to discuss specifics of any outstanding case. She can confirm that the US government is aware of this specific case.

“She commented further that US law enforcement agencies have historically had excellent relations and cooperation with the Bermuda Police Service.”

At last check in February, a police spokesman said: “The BPS has received a report of theft of a passport and is actively investigating the matter. As such it is inappropriate to discuss the matter in detail.”

A number of readers contacted Bermuda Real to clarify whether or not the passport was reported stolen to police prior to the woman’s departure. It was not.

The theft was discovered after her departure date, after the passport in question was allegedly used to board a flight from Bermuda to New York.

In our initial report, the complainant’s mother questioned how someone could clear airport check points using someone else’s passport.

“Had US Immigration officials rum my daughter’s passport, her cousin would have been caught and apprehended at the airport,” she said.

Now that the stolen passport has been cancelled, the complainant has been advised to keep a copy of the police report of the theft with her new passport, “in case she has any problems when travelling to the US”.

Our readers also wanted to know if the two cousins look alike, particularly in photographs. The complainant’s mother said: “They look similar but they should have been able to notice the difference.”

By Ceola Wilson