News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – On Monday evening, May 24th, Governor Rena Lalgie signed the amendments to the Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021. These changes will enable indoor dining to be opened for licensed restaurants if the licensed restaurant verifies that all patrons have a SafeKey.

Licensed restaurants will need to have a portable electronic device such as a smartphone or tablet with a camera that is capable of scanning the QR code on the COVID-19 SafeKey. Internet service is not required, however, you can also scan the QR code using or any compatible QR code scan system.

When a patron arrives at a restaurant, the restaurant must scan their COVID-19 SafeKey and check that their photo identification matches the information on the SafeKey. will show their initials, the month and day of their date of birth and a green check if the SafeKey is valid.

Restaurants that do not check the SafeKey and ID of all persons may be subject to closure by the Minister of Health.

While inside a restaurant, the same rules apply to indoor dining as outdoor dining. 

  1. No service at a bar
  2. No more than 6 persons to a table
  3. Tables 6 feet apart
  4. Persons can only remove masks while seated, if they are getting up to go to the Bathroom they must wear a mask. 

For patrons, once their COVID-19 SafeKey has been issued to them via e-mail they can print the documentation or carry their digital QR Code with them on a portable electronic device such as a phone or tablet in order to gain access to indoor dining. All patrons must also have photo ID with them to access indoor dining.  It is recommended that individuals check to make sure your pass is valid prior to attending a restaurant by scanning the QR code on their SafeKey at

Once at the restaurant, patrons should present COVID-19 SafeKey and identification information to the restaurant who will verify that it is valid and will confirm that it was issued to them by checking your photo-ID. 

The Government appreciates that there is growing interest in SafeKey. In Bermuda, there are currently 30,000 immunised persons that are eligible for Safekey and to date over 7,000 emails have been sent. The Ministry of Health will continue to issue vaccination certificates and SafeKeys by email this week. All fully immunised persons, who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and are at least two weeks past their second shot should look out for an email from “Bermuda Government” with the Subject “Government of Bermuda COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate”. 

Follow the link within the email to verify your information and you will be issued an upgraded vaccination certificate and a SafeKey.

If you are not 2 weeks past your 2nd shot, you will not receive a SafeKey automatically. If you wish to enjoy indoor dining please book a Coronavirus test and your negative test result email will also have a PDF containing your SafeKey and its expiry date.

Premier David Burt said: “With the resumption of indoor dining hundreds of Bermudians who have been unable to work during the pandemic can now return to work or return to full-time work thanks to the implementation of SafeKey. The safe return to normal operations is an important first step to Bermuda’s economic recovery, as we continue to work to move beyond the pandemic.”

  • Top Feature Photo: YouTube