The following Notice to Commercial Farmers was issued last night (April 21) by the Department of Environment & Natural Resources…


 The Public Health [Covid-19 Emergency Powers] [Stay at Home] Amendment Regulations 2021 are in effect. 
 The following are updated curfew exemption guidance issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for the Minister of Home Affairs on the above noted date.  
 Pursuant to Section of the above Regulations: 
11 (c) Fishermen and farmers
   1.    A licensed fisherman may sell fresh local fish roadside, Monday to Saturday only and between the hours of 7am to 7pm only, subject to the supervision of the Minister of Home Affairs. 
   2.    A registered commercial farmer may sell fresh local produce roadside, Monday to Saturday only and between the hours of 7am to 7pm only, subject to the supervision of the Minister of Home Affairs. 
   3.    A licensed fisherman or registered commercial farmer may make deliveries to customers, subject to Schedule 4.
Operations: A commercial farmer may perform operational tasks or travelling to and from their place of business between the hours of 6am to 7pm, Monday to Sunday. Permissible work activities include clearing, planting, maintaining, spraying, harvesting, monitoring, packaging and transporting of crops, animals, bees and other locally produced food stuffs.
Selling: Registered commercial farmers do not need to adhere to the “alphabet system” and may sell with payment being pre-paid or on site payment as well as delivery of product from their place of business between 7am and 7pm Monday to Saturday, as per all directions of the Minister of Health at the following site. 
·       Westover Farm, Farm Base, Sandys
·       J&J Produce – Farm Base, Astwood Park, Warwick 
·       Wadson’s Farm – Farm Base, Lukes Pond Road, Southampton and 
·       Amaral Farms – Farm Base, Bleak Farm, Watlington Road, Devonshire 
·       Windy Bank Farms – Farm Base,Windy Bank, Middle Road, Smiths 
·       Hideaway Farms – Farm Base, Jacob’s Point Road, St. George’s 
·       DeSilva Farms – Farm Base, Marguarita Lane, Middle Road, Devonshire 
·       Benjamim D’Estrella – Farm Base, 39 South Road, Warwick
·       Pacheco & Sons – Farm Base, Locust Hall, Devonshire 
·       Powell Farm – Farm Base, Watlington Lane, Devonshire
Commercial farmers may also operate a roadside stand under the same arrangement for the purpose of selling fresh local produce between the hours of 7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.
·       J&J Produce – entrance of Melville South, Devonshire
·       Amaral Farms – opposite Garthowen Estate, Devonshire
·       Benjamin D’Estrella – Burchall’s Cove, Hamilton Parish
·       Smith’s Farms – opposite White Hill Field, Sandys
·       Dill Pickles Farm – Rubber Tree, near Warwick Post Office; Mullet Bay Road, St. George’s
·       Saleem Madyun – Rockaway, Southampton; Tivoli Park, Warwick
·       Scratcher Farms – between Barnes Corner and Frank’s Bay, Southampton
·       Gardiner Fruits & Vegetables – Farm Base, Cedar Ave, Pembroke
·       D.R. Farms – Pond House Road, Smith’s 
·       Jones Farm – Devon Spring Road, Devonshire
·       Harvest House – Admiralty House (72 Spanish Point Road)
·       Tom Wadson – St Paul’s Church, Paget.
·       Raphael Barnett-Court Street, Hamilton
Both farm stand and roadside operations must adhere to all directions of the Minister of Health; including but not limited to a maximum of two vendors together, ensuring that the number of customers attending the area at any one time is limited and adhering to the approved 6 foot physical distancing standards between customers.  Masks must be used by vendors and customers. Hand sanitizer must be available for the use of sellers and customers.  
Sites will be monitored for compliance by the Agriculture Officer, as well as the Bermuda Police Service and Royal Bermuda Regiment. Should any farm operation not be in compliance the Minister of Home Affairs authorizes the above officers to close that operation immediately and only allow it to reopen if directed by the Minister.
Should you wish to operate a roadside stand and you are not on the list below you should apply in writing to Mr. Tommy Sinclair (Agriculture Officer) at
Deliveries: The following applies in relation to all deliveries made while these Regulations are in effect.
Deliveries shall be made between the hours of 7am to 7pm only. A farmer making a delivery shall telephone ahead to ensure that the delivery can be received. A farmer making a delivery to a private residence shall not enter a customer’s home, but shall— leave the goods outside the customer’s door; and telephone or otherwise inform the customer that the delivery has been made. A farmer making a delivery shall not require a customer to sign for receipt of a delivery. Delivery of food or groceries. A farmer making a delivery of food or groceries shall ensure compliance with applicable provisions of the Public Health Act 1949 and the Public Health (Food) Regulations 1950.
If you have any questions on this or any other matter related to agriculture, please feel free to contact us via 505-0164.