News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Department of Education wishes to provide a second update on the progress that has been made with addressing the concerns raised by Dellwood Middle School staff on Thursday, October 3, 2019.

Teachers at the school expressed concerns that they have had to cover art, math and social studies classes while three teachers are identified to fill the posts.

The Department has advised that substitute teachers have been secured for the school until the Art teacher is confirmed; the Social Studies teacher returns next week; and the Math teacher arrives on the island after the October break.

Teachers also expressed concerns that some of them have had to share classrooms. Technical Officers from the Department of Education met with the Dellwood school leadership to review the school schedules and adjustments to the schedules are currently being carried out to alleviate challenges experienced as a result of shared instructional spaces.

In regards to the Dellwood facility, significant progress has been made to repair damages sustained as a result of Hurricane Humberto, as well as works to complete issues already identified by the school.  Since the last update:

  • Design and Technology Room – Ceiling works were completed as of 8 October, 2019.
  • Business Room – The Business Room window is secure and a new window replacement has been ordered.
  • Air Conditioning in the Server Room – The air conditioning unit in the Server Room was serviced on 7 October 2019. The unit is fully operational.
  • Air Conditioning in other identified rooms – All units that are identified as inoperable have been assessed and replacement parts will be installed October 14 -18, 2019.

IT concerns identified by Dellwood staff included issues with printers, internet access, computer access, and the telephone system. The Department of Education’s IT complement has confirmed the following in this regard:

  • Internet access – Increased demand for internet access due to the additional TN Tatem Middle School students and additional staff has caused users to experience slower speed and connectivity. As a result, the Department made plans to fully upgraded the system to a new fibre optic network, to be completed by next week.
  • Computer access – 90% of staff who did not have computers as of 3 October now have computers. It is expected that 100% of staff who were identified as not having a computer will have access to a computer by Monday, 14 October.
  • Printers – All printers are online besides one multifunctioning machine. 100% of printers are expected to be operational by Monday, 14 October.
  • Telephone system – The phone system upgrade scheduled to occur at the start of the school year has been completed. 95% of all staff have a new handset and access to telephone services. The IT officers are working with the Principal’s Office to determine a plan for the remaining 5%. It is expected that 100% of staff will have access to telephone services by Monday, 14 October.

The Department of Education will continue to update the public about the progress that is being made with addressing the identified issues.

The Department’s priority remains to ensure all students and teachers are properly served.