JetBlue’s service to Bermuda out of Boston is expected to resume in March 2022.

This from the Minister of Transport, Lawrence Scott, who held a news conference earlier today to update the public on Bermuda “not having direct service” to the key gateway city.

Ultimately, he said the island lost the air link because of a lack of demand during the off season period.

I know that many of our residents depend on this route for business and personal reasons,” he said.

Not having this nonstop service will inconvenience many, especially those who frequent the area for access to medical treatment and universities.”

It goes without saying that COVID has negatively impacted governments and airlines alike, in their ability to generate and sustain revenue. This means that the air service provider will have to rely on unsubsidized revenue and in the case of the Boston market, the current demand for service or lack thereof, is not seen as financial feasible by the airline between November 2021 and February 2022,” he added.

“In 2019 prior to COVID, airlines had the economic and financial ability to weather our shoulder season. However, in 2021 they are looking at every opportunity to generate as much revenue as possible. So instead of losing money on the Bermuda route, they look to allocate their resources to more profitable destinations.”

Chairwoman of the Bermuda Airport Authority (BAA), Lovitta Foggo, said the BAA’s air service development team was “looking at as many different avenues as we can to try and increase flights coming to and leaving Bermuda”.

I can’t commit to giving specific details. But things are looking very promising in terms of increasing flights,” she said.

In the interim, the Minister said “connectivity is available to Boston through other gateway cities”.

As I stated in the beginning, I have empathy for those who are affected by the airline’s decision which results in us not having direct service to a key gateway city.

With that said, I am encouraged with the progress that the Air Service Development team, led by the Bermuda Airport Authority, is making in addressing the traditional challenges in this area.”