A car is seen part submerged in floodwater, at Bardney, near Lincoln, after the Barlings Eau broke its banks on Friday (Image: Getty Images)

Forecasters say the UK is set to be hit by more flooding with two inches of rain falling starting in the west on Tuesday, with other parts including flood-hit Yorkshire affected from Thursday.

The Mirror reports: “A 400-mile wide ‘Arctic swell’ is expected to brings -9C temperatures tomorrow night – making it the coldest night in autumn.

The flooding comes after snowfall, which hit the west on Wednesday – England’s earliest for 11 years.

“Britain is currently colder than Helsinki, as polar air blows into Britain bringing -3C nights, and Monday is tipped to be the coldest of the autumn so far for England and Scotland.”

The Met Office has also warned Scotland temperatures will sink lower than last week’s -8.1C at Dalwhinnie, Highland.

“While temperatures in England are expected to drop to a chilly -6C in the north, colder than November 9’s – 4.9C in Shobdon, Herefordshire.

“Temperatures in the south of England are set to plummet to -3C, while the north is facing faces snow flurries on higher ground.

“Temperatures through the week in the North are expected to stay at 7C to 9C, while in the south it will rise from 10C to 12 from Wednesday.

Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said: “Slow-moving rain returns to the West on Tuesday and to Yorkshire and other parts from Thursday for the rest of the week, with bands of rain.

“It’s cold in the northerly flow. Monday night could be the coldest night of autumn in Scotland and England, exceeding -8.1C in Scotland and down to -6C in northern England.

“Snow showers could be seen on higher ground of Scotland, with a bit of snow over northern England.”

The Environment Agency said: “River flooding is possible in South Yorkshire and the Midlands. Properties could flood and there could be travel disruption.”