MIRROR Online: LONDON, England, By Benedict Tetzlaff – A mammoth 114 hours of snow could hit the UK soon thanks to a blast of polar air, according to new forecast maps.

            Projections from WXCharts show a dark purple formation signalling snow across a large stretch of the country on March 30. This includes a number of major cities and towns in northern England, the north of Wales, and central parts of Scotland.

            After the current mild spell saw Brits temperatures of around 15C in some places this week, the mercury now looks likely to plummet towards the end of the month as a harsh weather front descends from the north.

            In the western highlands and central highlands in Scotland, snow could fall persistently from March 27 until March 31 – resulting in accumulations of between five and ten centimetres.

            Weather map for March 30

            Weather map for March 30

            The Midlands could meanwhile witness as much as five centuries of snowfall, with the northeast and northwest also seeing snow around March 28. Temperatures in the southeast of England may drop to between 2C and 4C, reports Express.co.uk, and fall below freezing in areas further north.

            A generally colder and drier outlook is being forecast for much of the rest of the month. The Met Office’s long-range forecast for Thursday 21 March to Saturday 30 March reads: “Dry for most places at first on Thursday, but rain will quickly spread from the northwest across all areas. The heaviest and most persistent rain will be in the northwest, with relatively little rain reaching the southeast.

            “Strong winds are also expected, particularly along coasts. Through Friday and the weekend, northwesterly winds will bring a mixture of sunny spells and showers, some of these heavy. A drier spell may develop later in the weekend with temperatures likely to be below normal for many areas. Into the following week, more unsettled conditions will probably develop across parts of the UK, these most likely to affect southern areas. Northern areas are more likely to be dry but also colder.”

            Top Feature Photo: Arctic air could begin a new phase of wintry weather in the UK, according to forecasts PA