Mirror Online: LONDON, England – Snow has hit the UK as an Arctic blast grips the nation with the Met Office warning the big freeze could cause chaos.

Tuesday got off to another frosty start as meteorologists confirmed last month was the UK’s oldest January in a decade and up to 11 inches of snow could blanket the country today.

Residents of Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester and parts of southern and central Scotland awoke to a blanketing this morning.

An amber warning initially covering Greater Manchester now stretches into the North East.

The snow ploughs were out in force clearings roads this morning, but more is yet to come as a wintry blast chills the north.

A man walks near the castle in Knaresborough in North Yorkshire after snow fell overnight
An early morning snowy walk near a castle in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire (Image: PA)
Snow ploughs were out early in Sheffield
Snow ploughs were out early in Sheffield – Image: Ioannis Alexopoulos/LNP

The Met Office warned snow and ice could provoke widespread travel delays today with vehicles and passengers stranded, as communities cut off, and a risk of power cuts.

Days of snow and flood warnings are in place this week, with predictions some areas could see up to 11inches of snowfall.

Met Officeweather warnings remain in place across most of northern England, areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Snow was forecast to begin falling at around 3am in most parts of northern England.

A spokesman for the national forecaster, Grahame Badge, said the amber alert should disappear quite rapidly as snow focuses further north in coming days.

A jack-knifed Hermes delivery lorry blocks all three lanes on the M62 near Saddleworth, West Yorkshire
Heavy weather conditions caused a lorry to jackknife at Saddleworth, West Yorkshire this morning (Image: Highways England/Triangle News)

It is expected to move north across northern England during Tuesday morning before easing and clearing from the south into the early afternoon.

Mr Madge said the snow would continue to reach hilly areas of northern England, especially the Pennines, beyond Tuesday.

The heaviest snow would reach north o og the Scottish borders, the Highlands, and Dumfries and Galloway, he added.

But there is a potential for more yet to come on Tuesday across the north and parts of the East Midlands as the weather warnings remain into the evening in some regions.

  • Top Feature Photo: Snow ploughs were out early in SheffieldImage: Ioannis Alexopoulos/LNP