Shocking drone footage circulating in the UK today revealed the true extent of panic buying amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hundreds of shoppers were spotted queueing around the entire carpark of a Tesco at 6am this morning.

The same Tesco in New Malden, London, saw a similarly gigantic queue snake around its carpark at 5.50am yesterday.

Mail Online reports: “Some supermarkets have introduced dedicated hours where NHS workers and the elderly are allowed to shop without other members of the public getting involved.

“However, younger shoppers were spotted selfishly pushing past elderly people to continue with the panic-buying which has taken over across the nation.

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be speaking to supermarket bosses today about efforts to keep supplies flowing and how to overcome the panic buying that is gripping the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

“A Marks & Spencer shop in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, was among the first shops to call in police to help ensure older shoppers could use the hour set aside for them.

“Asda and Aldi have hired a sports security firm, Showsec, to protect against selfish panic buyers.

“And some other 118 major stores across the UK have also requested to protection from customers who openly flout governmental advice to stop panic buying.

“The staff, who are usually escorting boxers to the ring, have been employed to work from 5am to midday.

“At 5.40am shoppers wait for a Tesco superstore in New Malden, south London, to open as the spread of the Coronavirus continues in the capital.”

One worker told The Sun: “They cannot handle the trouble. They’re calling us in to try and get some order back but it’s going to be a mammoth task.”

Meanwhile, supermarkets are desperately trying to keep up with the demand in order to prevent the elderly and NHS staff and emergency workers from having to go without as a result of other selfish shoppers, the report said.

“Tesco is even hiring 20,000 shelf stackers on 12-week contracts, while Aldi is aiming for 9,000 and Asda for 5,000.

“Most supermarkets have started limiting purchases and are trying to get shoppers down to just two or three items of food, toiletries and cleaning products.

“And others have taken measures to allow NHS staff priority access after a heartbreaking video of a crying care nurse was released yesterday.

“NHS workers can visit large Tesco stores an hour before the usual opening time every Sunday from tomorrow.

“And Marks & Spencer is now dedicating the first hour on Tuesdays and Fridays to emergency workers and the first hour on Mondays and Thursdays will be dedicated to elderly and vulnerable customers.

“The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association (HCSA) wrote to store chiefs suggesting the urgent measures.

“Chief nursing officer for England, Ruth May, said: ‘We’re asking all supermarkets to allow all of our healthcare workers easy access to buy their food and vegetables.’

“The RCN urged supermarkets to provide priority access to people working in health and care — and to hold back certain items such as toilet paper for all nursing staff.”