National Security Minister Wayne Caines today confirmed reports reaching TNN last night, that two prison officers were arrested on suspicion of carrying illegal drugs into the Co-Ed Facility.

Responding to questions by TNN at the news conference held this evening on the latest developments on the impact of the deadly coronavirus on Bermuda, the Minister said he was unable to comment further as the matter is now under investigation by police.

No word yet on the contraband involved, or any official word from the police on the arrests.

A statement released by a Ministry spokeswoman at 6:39pm this evening said: “As you would have heard during this evening’s press briefing, the Minister of National Security, Wayne Caines today confirmed the arrest of two Corrections Officers.”

Minister Caines offered this brief comment, saying: “I have been advised of the arrest of two officers who were allegedly attempting to convey illicit substances into the Bermuda Department of Corrections, Farm Facility.
“The matter is currently being investigated by the BPS. Both officers are in police custody.”