Deputy Premier Walter Roban

Two local plumbing companies based in Southampton were commended by Deputy Premier Walter Roban on Tuesday for donating 2,000 surgical masks and another 1,000 disposable folding masks”, for Bermuda’s frontline workers.

Speaking at the latest news conference to update the public on the status of COVID-19 on the island, Mr Roban expressed “the Bermuda Government’s sincere thanks to the principles of Wellbottom Plumbing Supplies Limited and Burrows Plumbing Services for the generosity of donating 2,000 surgical masks and another 1,000 disposable folding masks”.

“The surgical masks will be added to the Ministry of Health’s inventory, and the folding masks will be provided to our sanitation workers who are out there, collecting the waste around the island on the regular schedule which continues to operate.

“We need to provide protections for everybody who’s out there on the front line, trying to make sure this country stays together,” said Mr Roban.

“So thank you to those who are donating in these ways and there are many others, I’m sure that we will mention over the time that have already been mentioned, who are actually doing a lot of work behind the scenes, providing resources.

“In addition, I would like to add, as has been echoed by everyone at this table, thank all the persons who have been on the frontline for many, many weeks, fighting this virus,” he added.

“Our healthcare workers, people who are providing services to the most vulnerable, people who are providing the grocery assistance at the grocery stores and delivering groceries, to those who cannot get access to food.

“Those who have been organized support people who don’t have homes.

“The other people in the medical community who are doing other services, and even people who are just doing little things to help some of our citizens get through this period. I’d like to echo, a thank you to them once again.

“They are helping us to get through this and we must always remember them as we do these presentations and as we get out in our community.