New York Daily News: By John Annese – Two dirty correction officers at Rikers Island slipped cell phones and drugs to jailed Bloods members for tens of thousands of dollars in bribes, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

Krystie Burrell, 35, pleaded guilty to bribery Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court, while another officer, Katrina Patterson, 31, entered her guilty plea last month.

Riker’s Island – Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News

Burrell, a six-year Department of Correction veteran smuggled two cell phones, one of which once belonged to her, to Bloods member Terrae Hinds, 28, and helped the gangbanger sell drugs and contraband behind bars, according to federal prosecutors. She admitted to accepting $9,780 in bribes.

Patterson took at least $34,090 in cash for getting contraband to Michael Ross, another gang member, the feds said. She got the cash through two of Ross’ girlfriends, federal prosecutors said.

Burrell faces up to 10 years behind bars, while Patterson faces up to five years. Ross is awaiting sentencing for bribery, while Hinds’ case is still pending.