Two more arrests reported by police within the last 24 hours by police, for breaking the order in effect until April 18 to stay at home.

Police say one man was stopped in his car three times in two days before he was ultimately arrested and taken to the Hamilton Police Station.

A spokesman said a man was stopped in his car at about 4.15am on North Shore Road, near the junction with Radnor Road in Hamilton Parish, and found not to have a curfew exemption.

Police checking vehicles at the junction of North Shore Road and Middle Road in Flatts stopped another male driver shortly after 3:30pm on Monday, who said he was on his way to deliver an item to his girlfriend’s house.

He was also arrested for breach of shelter in place regulations and detained at Hamilton Police Station.

Last week, Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said some of the reasons people were giving to police were “ridiculous”.

Members of the public were reminded, once again, that to obtain exemption permission, they should apply at: