Police investigators assigned to the latest firearm incidents reported last night disclosed today, that the “intended victim” shot at on Happy Valley Road was “successful in eluding” his would-be assailants.
In a statement released this afternoon, a police spokesman also confirmed that two men were arrested last night for attempted murder.
In follow up to the investigation by detectives from the Serious Crime Unit, a spokesman said today that “the firearm was discharged” in the man’s direction.
“The intended victim was able to run away, pursued by his attackers and was successful in eluding them,” he said.
The incident occurred at about 8:05pm on Wednesday 28th November.
Police spoke with a 58-year-old member of the public who was walking on Happy Valley Road, near Belvin’s, when two males on a motorcycle rode past him and brandished what is believed to be a firearm.
He told officers that the firearm was “discharged in the direction of the man, who was not struck”.
Earlier at about 7:45pm, two males on a motorcycle were also seen to discharge a firearm at a residence on St Mary’s Road, in Warwick.
“No one was injured in this event either,” the spokesman said.
“The suspects are described as two black males, wearing dark helmets with visors.
“Following on from these reports, two men were taken into custody and arrested for attempted murder, following an armed containment on a house by Police at Happy Valley Lane, Pembroke.”
Meanwhile, police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have seen two males on a motorcycle acting suspiciously to contact police on 2950011 or call the confidential crime stoppers hotline on 800-8477.