Police appeals not to share the video has not deterred residents from circulating recordings of the altercation between schoolgirls at the Hamilton Bus Terminal, that landed two female students in the police station.

A spokesman said a can of pepper spray was also seized after the incident, which occurred on Thursday (April 13), at about 4:45pm.

“Upon arrival, officers were directed to the Number 9 bus where they were alerted to two female Middle School students, who were then escorted off of the bus.

“The two students were informed they would be taken to Hamilton Police Station and their parents contacted.

“Upon being told this, they became belligerent towards the officers and attempted to leave the scene.

“They were prevented from doing so by the officers, who were then confronted by other students and members of the public,” he added.

“The two female students were then transported to Hamilton Police Station to avoid any further escalation. They were both spoken to and subsequently released into the care of their parents.”

Meanwhile, video clips of the incident went viral shortly after the incident, while police continue to urge people not to share the and to “delete them from your device”.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact Acting Sergeant Richard Marriott on 717-2432 or rmarriott@bps.bm.