As promised in this year’s Budget Statement, two amendments to Bermuda’s Gaming Act in the House today (Mar 13) and one by the Minister of Tourism, Vance Campbell supporting Fairmont Southampton Princess.

One Bill “specifies the Minister responsible for the Commission as the Minister of Finance and provides the Bermuda Gaming Commission with the power to modify or vary a regulatory obligation under the Act or Regulations on being satisfied of certain prescribed criteria”.

The Premier and Minister of Finance said: “These amendments will allow the Commission to consider applications from licensees for potentially cost saving operational modifications that may compliment a hotel’s intended operations, whilst maintaining sound regulation for smaller, amenity style casinos.”

In addition to the gaming amendments, the Minister of Tourism and the Cabinet Office, Vance Campbell introduced further legislation in support of the redevelopment of the Fairmont Southampton Princess. 

Minister Campbell said: “As we near the final closing of the financing and the commencement of work at the site, this legislation is necessary to provide for the commercial structure that underpins the Government’s support of the local lending for the redevelopment.

“This Bill follows amendments to the Public Treasury (Administration and Payments) Act 1969 to be passed in the House today,” he added.

Both Bills will be debated on Friday, March 24th in the House of Assembly.