The Ministry of Public Works, Waste Management Section today thanked the public for their continued patience and cooperation with this week’s limited household garbage collection, as household garbage remains piled high along roadsides at the west end.

In a statement released today, a Ministry spokesman said: “Most of Bermuda has been serviced and they will continue across the remainder of the island.

“With that said, however, the truck’s inability to access all areas of the island, particularly narrow roads, has resulted in the garbage in some areas not being collected.”

Clearly, a quick walk-about up west showed that was not the case.

No word yet on whether the private trucks hired to collect garbage plan to return to the west end for the garbage they missed, before the public service resumes next Monday.

As it stands now, it looks they are stuck with this situation until next Monday.

Meanwhile, the Ministry also thanked and recognised the Corporation of Hamilton and private contractors “who through their generosity continue assisting the public by going about the island collecting and transporting garbage to the Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility”.

“Also recently, the Corporation of St George has stepped in to assist with garbage collection in the East End and we thank them for their contribution,” the spokesman said.

In the interest of public health and safety and to avoid mounting piles of garbage, the public is advised of the following:

  • If you live in an area normally collected Monday through Wednesday, we ask that no additional garbage bags be put out for collection. The public is advised to secure these garbage bags in a lidded bin on your property until your next regularly scheduled collection day
  • If Thursday is your normally scheduled collection day, your garbage has already been collected. If garbage has not been put out for collection, we ask that bags be secured in a lidded bin on your property until your next regularly scheduled collection day
  • Residents scheduled for Friday garbage collection that are not located nearby a main road and unable to transport their garbage are asked to keep their household waste secured on their property in a lidded bin until your next regularly scheduled collection day
  • St David’s area residents are advised that thanks to the generosity of Mr Albert Woolridge, two of his roll-off dumpsters have been placed in St. David’s to assist those unable to bring their garbage to the main road. The dumpsters are located at the Battery and Cove Valley Junction

Additionally, the Ministry has requested that the Corporation of Hamilton and Hunts continue to collect garbage this Saturday to service those areas in need of further collection.

The Minister also commended local truckers who took the initiative to pitch in.

“I am very encouraged by the willingness of individual truckers like Paul Wilmot, Clinton Paynter and others who have offered to service their neighbourhoods during this time,” said Minister of Public Works, Lt. Colonel David Burch.

“Their actions and those of many others across the island are in the true spirit of Bermuda.”

As a reminder, regular garbage collection service will resume on Monday, March 30.  

Again, the Ministry of Public Works and Waste Management Section thanks the public for their continued patience and cooperation as we bring the service in line with our normal collection schedule.”