Known for his conscious music compositions, Bermuda’s own Troy Anthony’s Stand Up & Fight has been linked to local video to portray the chain of events of the recent Pathways to Status five-day protest demonstration.

Local producer and road manager Reid Jones, who also produced Troy’s Black on Black Video as social commentary on gun violence in Bermuda, said the latest release had nearly 2,000 hits within two days when posted on Youtube less than a week ago.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, Troy Anthony, who lives in England with his family, said the producer felt “compelled” to seal the recent protest in history through video for posterity.

“As a fellow Bermudian the need to portray this historical and courageous event must have meant a lot to this individual [Reid Jones] to put together this informative video, and to him I say ‘welcome’.”

Commenting on the recent protest, he like others around the world watched with great interest as the events unfolded over a five-day period.

“I must say I was surprised at the way my countrymen stood up together without backing down to political trickery.” said Troy Anthony.

“So often we as Bermudians like to complain on the sideline, so it was good to see us come off the bench and get in the game,” he added.

As far as the Pathways to Status Bill that was withdrawn by the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) Government on Monday, he said: “I believe there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things.

“There has to be protocol to follow for both citizens and leaders. And when one doesn’t respect that then these kinds of events are inevitable,” he said.

Meanwhile, Reid Jones said he was motivated to document the chain of events due to the current social climate in Bermuda. He echoed his colleague’s remarks on the “right way and wrong way” of doing things.

“I feel that the current government is selling us a dream – telling us one thing while doing another,” said Mr Reid.

“This video was posted on Youtube last Saturday, it got 1,500 views in just two days with another 290 on Facebook. I love doing videos and I believe this one will seal what transpired in history,” he added.

He noted that ‘Stand Up & Fight’ is Troy Anthony’s latest single in what will be soon be his second EP with six tracks which is about to be released. That EP will also feature ‘Survivor’ featuring Troy Anthony’s 16-year-old daughter, who has stepped up from background vocals for her first lead duo with her father as his conscious music career continues.

Link to Black on Black Single also produced by Reid Jones.

By Ceola Wilson

Photo Caption:Troy Anthony performing live at Victoria Park, Bermuda (photo by CW)