In recognition of their 50th anniversary, the Bermuda National Trust will plant 50 trees on New Year’s Day.

Backed by the newly formed Bermuda Climate Action Network, a spokesman for Bermuda Can said it’s all part of the group’s Vision 2020 campaign to plant 2020 trees across the island by the end of next year to help tackle the effects of global warming.

“This family-friendly initiative is geared to expand awareness of the crisis and offer a practical means for participating in solutions,” he said.

A calendar of monthly tree plantings will be released by the group as the group aims to address climate change as the biggest problem over the next decade.

“It is crucial that we gain an understanding and awareness about Bermuda’s risks, mitigation and adaptation to the changing climate and that urgent and mindful action is needed by all,” he said.

“While some may argue that Bermuda’s contribution to climate change is a mere drop in the bucket, we should be doing everything we can at home before looking to others to save the planet.

“That is why a diverse group of community representatives have recently formed a new emerging network of activists and those who are already engaged in environmental conservation — Bermuda Can.”

Group members include members of the Bermuda National Trust, Keep Bermuda Beautiful and Greenrock.

The spokesman also noted that the group’s aim was “to facilitate the coming together of our island community to identify and mitigate climate risks specific to Bermuda, and advance a deeper appreciation of our responsibility as global citizens in keeping average temperature rises below 1.5C”.

“The campaign is one of the ways that everyone can make a difference – by adding trees to our ecosystem, each participant can help to mitigate the warming of the climate,” he added.

The New Year’s Day tree-planting events will start at St George’s Military Cemetery on Grenadier Lane at 9am and move on to the Paget Marsh Nature Reserve from 11.30am to 1.30pm.

Tree plantings will continue at the Rebecca Middleton Nature Reserve, on the Railway Trail in Paget, from 1.50pm to 3.15pm, before ending at the Scaur Lodge on Scaur Lane in Sandys from 4pm to 5.30pm.

  • Feature Photo Supplied: Members of the Bermuda Climate Action Network stand at Foot of the Lane location: Rosalind Wingate – Warwick Academy; Melanie Burrows – CedarBridge Academy; Anne Hyde – Keep Bermuda Beautiful; Glenn Fubler – Imagine Bermuda; Stuart Kriendler – BE Solar; Myles Darrell – Bermuda National Trust; Eugene Dean – Greenrock; Nick Hutchings – marine contractor [retired].  Missing from photo: Kim Smith – BEST: