Transport Minister Walter Roban today “implored” Bermuda’s motorists to slow down, “take one for the team” with responsible behaviour on our roads and put an end to impaired driving.

After attending “the funeral of another young Bermudian tragically lost on our road” last week, he said: “Any road fatality is one too many, and it always affects a wide group of people in our small community.”

In the lead up to the four-day Cup Match holiday weekend, one of Bermuda’s “most revered holidays”, he said: “As Minister of Transport, I implore you this Cup Match to take one for the ‘team’.

“We all have a ‘team’ – our family, friends and co-workers who look forward to seeing us during and after the cricket match.

“Your team is interested to share with you memories of yet another exciting holiday. To protect your team’s interest, take extra care and caution on the roads.

“This Cup Match holiday, assess your motoring behaviour and determine what you can do to exercise more caution on the roads,” he said.

“We already have far too many motoring mishaps and far too many serious accidents. We must commit ourselves to personal and community changes to stem the number of accidents and reduce the number of fatalities. We must make our roads safer.”

Mr Roban reiterated the government’s commitment “to improving road safety, improving public awareness of the need for more responsible behavior on our roads and reducing traffic accidents and fatalities”.

“To do that, we need the collective will to change motoring behaviour. Take one for the team!”

And in the lead up to Cup Match, he called on Bermuda’s residents to “put an end to impaired driving”, “be more careful at intersections” and “slow down”.