The following statement was released this evening (Aug 25) by One Bermuda Alliance MP Craig Cannonier, the Shadow Minister of Tourism…

The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) announced this week the service of three different flights is set to halt this September and that it will be using this time to extend its advertising activities. 

Bermuda will continue to expect the BTA to do all it can and should to attract more visitors to our shores.  What I’m not sure of is why the BTA is announcing the halt of these three airline services and not the Minister of Transport? 

This has typically been the remit of the relevant Minister.  The Minister should explain why the BTA has made such an announcement instead of him.

Additionally, the Minister needs to give us details on why these services are being halted.  

We’ve already lost the Delta service to Boston. With additional service interruptions and the constant cries to end the controversial TA form, we are inevitably going to see reductions in the numbers of visitors to our island. 

Typically, when this occurs the remaining airline services will increase their ticket prices, which results in increased costs to an already costly destination;  we are likely talking about ticket costs to gateway cities in excess of $800.  Who knows, but time will tell.

It seems the only ones benefitting from travel the way it is into the island is resQwest and its shareholders, because the majority of the travellers into Bermuda, are residents, adding further costs to their travel expenses.