News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Minister of Transport, Wayne Furbert, recently held a meeting with representatives of Air Canada at their Headquarters in Montreal. The meeting provided an opportunity to engage with Air Canada representatives and discuss matters regarding the airline’s Bermuda operations.

Minister Furbert stated: “The primary focus was to assess the priorities for Air Canada and explore opportunities to enhance air travel between the two destinations. Notably, Air Canada has expressed optimism for the winter season, with the prediction of reaching pre-pandemic levels on the Bermuda route.

“One of the key discussion points involved the potential for deploying larger aircraft more frequently from Toronto to Bermuda in the short term. Air Canada acknowledged the promising signs of recovery in destinations, encompassing Latin America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.”

The Bermuda delegation including, Mark Guishard from Bermuda Airport Authority, Aaron Adderley from Skyport, and Oli Lamb from Ailevon Pacific Aviation Consulting, led discussions about the future of the Bermuda-Canada air service market. Air Canada expressed its commitment to collaborating with the Bermuda Tourism Authority to promote Bermuda as a preferred destination for Canadian visitors.

Minister Furbert underscored the importance of such meetings in the post-pandemic aviation landscape. He said: “Both Air Canada and the Bermuda team departed from the meeting with a shared purpose to strengthen our collaboration and optimise air service offerings for residents and visitors from Canada.”

Top Feature Photo: The Bermuda team met with Air Canada’s David Waugh – Managing Director, International Affairs & Facilitation, Daniela Mauro – Director, International Affairs, Mazin Elbushra – Director, Network Planning North America, Joseph Malalla – Manager, International Affairs and Rose Gonzalez – Bermuda Product Director