Fifteen participants took part in a training session for physicians, nurses and laboratory personnel on Saturday (March 14) “to refresh their knowledge on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC).

A Government spokesperson said: “The training was facilitated by the Infection Prevention and Control professionals at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and Ministry of Health staff including the Department of Health’s Senior Medical Officer Dr. Heather Armstrong and the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit’s Nurse Epidemiologist Ms Jennifer Wilson.

“The training was intended for physicians, nurses and laboratory personnel to refresh their skills in the use of PPE and healthcare facility IPC in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Chief Medical Officer Dr Cheryl Peek-Ball added: “We expect participants in this training would be equipped to: safely manage patients who are suspected of having the virus, collect specimens for testing, and could serve as a pool of professionals to assist with a centralized COVID-19 testing set-up.”