News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The City will be making significant traffic light upgrades at that location which will involve extensive channeling for electrical conduit, the reconfiguration of sidewalks and the installation of a new pedestrian crossing.

Works are tentatively scheduled to commence on the weekend of Saturday, May 4th and will continue for approximately five to six weeks. During that time, a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan will be in place to manage traffic flow in and out of the City and minimize disruption to motorists. Details of that plan, along with further project updates, will be released in due course as part of the City’s extensive communications strategy, with appropriate road signage in place.

Work will pause from May 20th to 24th to facilitate the Bermuda Day celebrations and resume on Saturday May 25th.

The Cavendish Car Park will remain operational throughout the works. However, the City is advising commuters to avoid the junction if possible. The City has already made area tenants aware of the works, inclusive of the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service.”

:We recognize that Spurling Hill is a major thoroughfare in and out of the City,” explained City Engineer Patrick Cooper. “However, this traffic light upgrade is essential for the City as many replacement parts for the current system are now out of production.

“The City takes pride in its continuous efforts to provide quality services and reliable infrastructure. Part of our duty of care involves the assessment and upgrade of our major infrastructure every few years, as appropriate, in order to uphold the City’s legacy of responsible stewardship over our assets.”

The Ministry of Public Works has been kept abreast of proposed plans inclusive of proposed drawings, vehicle accessibility and review of scope.